Pool Maintenance

Our service technicians are the ones you can count on to perform all needed chemical balancing, filter cleaning & replacement, and other tasks needed to ensure a healthy and clean pool.  An additional benefit of having regularly scheduled maintenance is that we can make you aware of any potential issues before they become big problems.

We have several options for this service, contact our service department for pricing to suit your needs.

Our full pool cleaning service provides:

Check and balancing water chemistry
Adding chemicals as needed (chemicals not included in maintenance contract and will be billed monthly)
Vacuuming pool as needed
Brush pool and tile as needed
Skim pool
Backwashing and cleaning filter as needed
Clean salt cell (additional charge may apply)
Check skimmer and pump basket
Check the water level and reporting any issues to the customer
Check filtration equipment

For more information or to setup weekly pool service, submit your information here and our service department will contact you to get started.